Call for Citizen Grants (en)


We want to support citizen that want to improve our Carrera Palacé in Medellín. We are convinced that to change a city a collective action is needed, so we want to award a prize to the 4 most creative citizen ideas that promote urban sustainability in Palacé. The winners will receive 500,000 Colombian pesos to be used in a tactical urbanism intervention in Palacé.

Application Deadline: March 31 de Marzo

Implementation of the ideas: April

Disclaimer: The winners won’t be announced before the interventions, to guarantee the surprise element.


Tactical urbanism includes every type of citizen actions to reuse, rescue and improve urban spaces. Frequently these actions are developed in empty or forgotten spaces of a city (such as an abandoned road, a parking lot or a former factory) and aim to promote more human and sustainable cities. The main condition to do tactical urbansim: Creativity!!

An example of tactical urbanism is the manual made by Street Plans.

Selection Criteria: Originality, Creativity, Cost-Benefit Relationship


  • Daniela Assael, Plataforma Urbana
  • Dominico Di Siena, Urbano Humano
  • Juan Pablo Bocarejo, Profesor de los Universidad de los Andes
  • Matthew Pasmore, MoreLab
  • Mike Lydon, Principal The Streets Collaboratives
  • Natalia Escobar, Manizales Como Vamos
  • Sergio Restrepo, Director Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe
  • Peatónito